Hook to West Green

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Some details about the route:


SUITABLE FOR PUSHCHAIRS OR WHEELCHAIR: No as it’s in the countryside and across fields, there are stiles too

CAR PARKING: This will depend on where you start….You could start at West Green National Trust, or opposite there, there is a small car park. There is off road spaces on Borough Court, but this certainly isn’t car parking, just a small area for a couple of cars. The other place would be the car park opposite The Crooked Billet in Hook

AMENITIES: There is nothing on route, but there is the Crooked Billet and West Green House. Hartley Wintney and Hook are both nearby for all amenities

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK:  Starting from The Crooked Billet in Hook, walk through Whitewater Meadow, or along the public footpath alongside the pub. This takes you to another field, quite a large one where you can walk around the edge and if you have a dog with you that likes water, there is a point where they can go for a paddle.

Continue through the field to the opposite side of the field and you’ll come to a metal stile which takes you through a narrow footpath, this can get overgrown with weeds and stingers so just be careful. At the end is another metal stile which takes you to another small area and the footpath goes to the right, across a small bridge and through a farm. At this point, there can be sheep in the field so please be considerate.

Walk through the farm, there are footpath signs and you’ll come to Borough Court and the public footpath goes straight ahead, again, this can get overgrown. If you go in spring, watch out for the bluebells. At the end, you’ll come to West Green National Trust. The footpaths goes through here and at the road, you can head across to West Green Common or turn left. If you turn left, there are a couple of stiles and then straight ahead across the field. There are often cows in this field.

When you get to the road, this is Borough Court, turn left and walk on the road, there’s no paths, and eventually you’ll come back to where you started, head back through the farm and retrace your steps back

TIPS: Why not make a day of it and enjoy some quality time at the National Trust too

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