Quarry walk, Hartley Wintney

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3.6 miles

Some details about the route:

TERRAIN: Moderate mixed terrain of fields and paths/tracks

SUITABLE FOR PUSHCHAIRS OR WHEELCHAIR: Although this is not a difficult route/terrain, it’s probably not good for wheelchairs/pushchairs as it is still in the countryside

CAR PARKING: There isn’t a car park and best option would be to park in the Hartley Witney and head to the area from there

AMENITIES: There isn’t anything on route but Hartley Wintney is nearby with shops, pubs and cafe. Also public toilets.

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK:  This is a fantastic place to walk, there are so many paths to follow this is quite an easy one but if time is on your side, you could go off wherever you fancy and just take yourself where you please. It’s very quiet, not many people. We did come across some horse riders but it’s not a frequent occurence, we all gave each other space so no problems.

TIPS: Probably a good idea to have a fully charged phone just in case you go off exploring, so you can find your way back

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