Home Farm, Burkham

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3.2 miles

Some details about the route:

TERRAIN: Fields, generally flat but there are some small hills but it’s nothing too difficult

SUITABLE FOR PUSHCHAIRS OR WHEELCHAIR: Not really as it’s field land

CAR PARKING: There is a small free car park

AMENITIES: This is in the countryside so there is nothing around

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK:  Open fields, we knew about the location but didn’t have a route to follow so just went along where we fancied. We headed in the field opposite the car park and there was nobody else around, it was lovely and peaceful.

There is also an area on the same side as the car park, we have walked there once before, but we don’t have a route saved. As you see from the map, there certainly is plenty of space to explore.

TIPS: Certainly would recommend this, just be aware that if you take a dog, there might be cows in the field.

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