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2 – 4 miles

Some details about the route:


SUITABLE FOR PUSHCHAIRS OR WHEELCHAIR: No as it’s in the countryside and across fields, there are stiles too

CAR PARKING: There is a very small car parking area opposite the Coach & Horses pub, or street parking. There is also parking at Rotherwick recreation ground which is next to Tylney Hall

AMENITIES: There are no shops in Rotherwick but there are 2 pubs – The Coach & Horses and The Falcon. Tylney Hall is nearby if you really fancy treating yourself. The nearest village is Hook

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK:  Another walk with so many different options, so there are some maps to give you some ideas, the routes can be shortened or lengthened along the way.

Starting from Rotherwick church, walk through and head across the field and cross Frog Lane. Follow the path and you can either go straight across the next field, or turn right and walk around it, adding a little extra.

After following the track/field and the footpath signs, there is a stile to go through and here you can either go right as another option to add extra distance, or turn left and follow the tracks and through another stile.

There is a point where you have 3 directions to chose from, turning left will take you up Stroud Greens Lane and up to the Rotherwick recreation ground, this is the shortest route, a good option if you have young children that want to go play.

Turning right will head you back to where you started but still an option. Heading straight ahead will take you via Tylney Hall and the golf course. At the golf course, you’ll come to what looks like a small wooden bridge and you can turn left here and head around the edge of the golf course. There is an exit amongst the trees at the top of the hill which brings you to Optrex Business Park.

If you headed straight acorss at the wooden bridge, keep an eye out for golfers, if they see you, they tend to signal to let you cross. The path goes through the woods, then turn left, up a hill and then right through some trees. At the end, turn left and then it’s straight along, crossing the golf course and to Optrex Business Park. At the top, turn left, you’ll go past the recreation ground and head back to where you started.

TIPS: There are Public Footpath signs along the way but if this is a new area for you, please consider recording your work so you can track your way back, should you need to

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