Hook to Newlyns Farm

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3 miles

Some details about the route:

TERRAIN: fields, some paths/roads

SUITABLE FOR PUSHCHAIRS OR WHEELCHAIR: Not ideal, there are some paths/roads this is only a short sections and the rest is fields or woods so would be very difficult

CAR PARKING: This depends on where you start….You could start at the Crooked Billet pub, where there is a free car park opposite. Another alternative is the Hook Community Centre where there is a free car park. Another starting point could be Newlyns Farm. If leaving vehicles at the pub or Newlyns, it is advised to ask you can leave your vehicle¬†

AMENITIES: No amenities on the route, but as with each of the suggested starting points, each of those have amenities but it would be recommended that you purchase goods from them, rather than just using their facilities

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK: The map shown is shown from the ‘curly whirly’ bridge over the M3, and this is because there are different ways to get there, depending where you park or if you live in Hook are are walking there.

Once across the bridge, turn left and walk around the edge of the field, parrallel with the motorway. Follow the field round to the right and there is a stile about half way down which takes you through a small section of woods. Watch out for the stingers! When you come across, the footpath takes you across this field and the next but it is very difficult to see. If you are not comfortable where you should be, it’s would be better to walk around the edge and respect their land.

At the edge of the next field, there is another stile to get over and then you walk through what looks like someone’s garden, the public footpath goes through here and down Poland Lane. At this point, you can continue until the right hand turn or you can follow the footpath through 2 fields.

Once you get to Newlyns, there are different options…..you could turn left to the Basingstoke Canal, you could even walk to The Millhouse pub. Another way, if you would like to cut it short is to turn right and this will take you up to the woods, turn right here and you will be back at the curly whirly bridge. If you would like to carry on, you can follow the road ahead to Newlyns Farm and follow the road down Hook Road. Here you will go past the Egg Shed, great for organic eggs! Carry on to the woods, follow the path to the right and you will get back to the motorway bridge  

TIPS: If you are doing this walk when there’s been a lot of rain, be mindful that the sections are likely to be very muddy

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