Bramshill & Hazeley Heath

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14.5 miles

Some details about the route:

TERRAIN: off road trails

SUITABLE FOR PUSHCHAIRS OR WHEELCHAIR: Although a lot of this is along tracks, it would be hard work, so probably not recommended

CAR PARKING: There is a free car parking or you can park in Hartley Wintney and walk from there

AMENITIES: This is set in the countryside so there are no amneities. However, Hartley Wintey is very close by which has shops, coffee shop, bakery and pub so pretty much everything you need!

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK:  Quiet, countryside walk. It’s a great place to explore and escape from the world. This was an incredibly long walk, very hard and tiring but it could easily be cut down in to sections should that be more suitable for you

TIPS: Definitely make sure you have a fully charged with you, with a mobile charger too, if you have one. We followed a route and ended up taking a wrong turn which certainly added to the adventure. Least if you get lost, you can use your phone to send a ‘pin’ to someone who can find you!

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