Basingstoke Common

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Up to 4 miles

Some details about the route:


SUITABLE FOR PUSHCHAIRS OR WHEELCHAIR: Not ideal as it’s uneven and would be hard work

CAR PARKING: There is a small free car park opposite here at Crabtree Plantation

AMENITIES: There is a Co-Op shop nearby and Olivers Fish & Chips is down the A30 toward Hook, or Chineham and Basingstoke are a short drive

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK: This an open space which is a parallel to the A30, and the field is not secure. There are horses here at times that roam free so please be aware of surroundings. If you are taking you dog(s) and they do not have good recall, be careful with the A30

TIPS: If you have children, you could pop across the road to Crabtree Plantation where there is a children’s play area

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