Bramley to Hook (part of The Brenda Parker Way)

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Distance: 10 miles

The Brenda Parker Way

Some details about the route:

TERRAIN: fields, some paths, boggy and muddy in places


CAR PARKING: We were dropped off at Bramley train station. There was a small car park but not sure of any restrictions.

AMENITIES: Bakery at the start, which was opened for breakfast when we arrived and it smelt great! There are a couple of pubs in Rotherwick and had we followed the route all the way to Winchfield train station, there is a pub there too.

ABOUT THE ROUTE/WALK: It was tiring! At the start, it was thick mud which hard work on the legs. We had a route planned along The Brenda Parker Way but there were places where signage was not great so ended up doing a loop, instead of going straight across the field. It’s part of the adventure! As we got to Rotherwick I realised I knew where we were as Dinky and I had been there before. From that point, we were able to walk to Rotherwick without referring to the map.

Downside, we didn’t end up following the actual BPW but we got to the same place so it’s all good. We got through Rotherwick and started to head the direction we needed to be in but it started to rain. We were both tired, so was Dinky, so decided to head back to Hook and walk home. We still got the 10 miles in that we planned so happy with that.

TIPS: This is a great route and certainly would recommend it. If you decide to do this, just be prepared with the right clothing and snacks/drinks – or stop at one of the pubs!

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