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The information given on this website has been given from those that want to share their walks and it has not been checked or verified. It is important that research is made to be sure that public footpaths are used.

In some cases, a location has been given rather than a route to follow and this can be because a route isn’t available or because it’s an opportunity to explore the area for yourself, to wonder where the paths will take you and soak up the adventure you are having.


Whether you like to go walking to have some alone time and reduce stress, or catch up with friends, or for exercise, whatever the reason – enjoy it! Being in the moment and focusing on your surroundings can also be important for some too. If you would like to find out more about mindful walking, please check out Penny Metcalf Mindfulness or her Facebook page to see more details Penny Metcalf Mindfulness

When you are out and about, it’s important that you are safe, it’s especially important if you are in a new area and that should anything happen, if someone needs to find you, they can do so. A tool for this is what3words, you can find out more from their website and they can have a free app.

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